Your Own Private Cloud

DroboAccess allows 5N2 (including special editions), and B810N owners to access their data anywhere, anytime through a secure and encrypted network. This allows Drobo consumers and SMBs to quickly and easily setup their own private cloud storage solution with the ability to view documents from a web browser or from the DroboAccess mobile app for iOS or Android. DroboAccess is extremely powerful, letting you view PDF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents on your phone or tablet directly from your Drobo and integrates with the existing user accounts and shares on your Drobo – so you can login with your regular username and password, and access the same files. DroboAccess is built on the myDrobo platform which allows easy to configure security and sharing options so that users have complete and secure control of their data.

App available through Drobo Dashboard.
iOS Mobile App available
Android Mobile App available

Watch how to setup DroboAccess here.

Download the DroboAccess user manual here.

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