Effortless Management of Mobile Photos

The DroboPix app is the newest addition to the myDrobo suite of software applications. Managing mobile photos and videos is time consuming and can become expensive with cloud backup options. DroboPix allows 5N2 (including special editions), and B810n owners the ability to automatically upload and organize photos and videos seamlessly within their local Wi-Fi network. Users simply walk into their home or office for the automatic uploads to occur. The geolocation verification and usage of the user’s Wi-Fi add two layers of security, while the transfer over Wi-Fi conserves battery power and cellular data. Once the images are safely stored on a Drobo, users can remotely access and share their files with the DroboAccess app.

App available through Drobo Dashboard.
iOS Mobile App available
Android Mobile App available

Watch the DroboPix video here.

Download the DroboPix quick set-up guide here.

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