Streamline Your Media Center with Drobo

The days of DVD and CD racks are far behind us. As media centers go digital, storage capacity, data access speed and backing up are all important considerations when organizing, accessing and maintaining your digital files.

Drobo allows you to streamline your home media by making it simple to upload, store and manage your digital content. Furthermore, it allows you to stream all of your saved content directly to each of your devices from your home and on-the-go.

Combine the Drobo 5N with the DroboApp – Plex and you no longer have to be wired to your computer to view your hard drive full of movies, music, and photos. With Plex, you can access, share and watch any content stored to your Drobo from any Laptop, iOS or Android device, whether that be watching the latest episode of the Big Bang Theory or listening to your favorite old Beatles song.

As your TV show addiction grows and you find more new bands to love, rest assured that your Drobo is up for the task. When space is getting a little tight, just add another drive or upgrade a drives capacity, it’s really that simple.

Smart storage that grows with you and protects what matters.