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Studio Renton – Using myDrobo Apps for Optimizing Workflow Drobo 5N Case Study

“Simplicity isn’t always simple.” – Studio Renton


Studio Renton, a design studio based in Nottingham, United Kingdom builds every project with their signature simplistic style.

The studio is comprised of three designers who are committed to creating innovative branding, web development, digital production, and product creation.

“We believe that the simplest designs are the best,” Jono Renton, the Principal and Head of IT at Studio Renton said. “We know that every project can be fulfilled with stringent attention to the subtle details.”

Jono Renton with Drobo


Studio Renton faced the challenge of finding a secure and efficient storage solution. The design team spent hours manually backing up their projects to external hard drives, emerging into a time-consuming and unsystematic process. They also feared a hard drive failure would cause them to lose countless hours of work.

“We needed a system that would provide us with exceptional speed and uptime, while also having a backup in case one of our hard drives went down,” Jono said.

In addition to needing a safe storage solution, it was imperative for the studio to have an easy file-sharing system, where the team could securely work on designs with each other from anywhere in the world.

“We looked at a lot of storage solutions and realized our two main criteria was network accessibility and ease of use,” Jono said. “We can’t afford to configure a storage solution, we’re too busy for that.”


Jonon Renton working on laptop

Jono discovered Drobo while attending a photography show. At the Drobo booth, experts assisted Jono with finding the right solution for the studio’s workflow.

“I’m such a fan that I still use the Drobo tote bag I got from that convention as my laptop bag,” Jono said. “After months of research for storage solutions we realized the Drobo 5N would be the perfect solution for the needs of our growing company.”

The Drobo 5N goes beyond a storage solution by including featured apps in the myDrobo platform to optimize workflow and a mSATA SSD slot for faster read speeds.

Drobo’s most popular app, DroboAccess, allows the studio to access and share files from anywhere in the world on any device. This will solve the team’s challenge of not being able to securely work together remotely.

“We are now able to automatically sync files to our Drobo 5N,” Jono said. “The 5N acts as our primary backup as well as giving us data access over the studio’s network so we can access new and old client folders from all of our computers.”

In addition to myDrobo apps, Drobo will keep their projects organized and safe. They will no longer have to backup to multiple hard drives and can feel secure that Drobo will save their data in the event of one or even two simultaneous hard drive failures.

“The Drobo 5N allows us to store all the files and project designs while the BeyondRAID technology makes it really easy to swap disks if one goes bad,” Jono said. “Having multiple copies of our data gives us peace of mind that if something happens, we’re covered.”

Workstation and Drobo 5N


Studio Renton now has a reliable, simple backup system in place to protect their designs. In addition to a secure backup, they can easily file share with each other over their network and remotely.

“The Drobo 5N has performed so well over the years, it’s become a crucial part of the studio,” Jono said. “It has met all of our demanding needs and has increased the productivity of our studio. We are now able to take on more clients because our files are in one place and that allows us to collaborate more efficiently. Drobo’s hassle-free storage solution puts all of our minds at rest when we lock up the office at night.”


After spending years manually backing up to hard drives, the Studio Renton design team emerged in the challenge of finding an efficient, reliable storage array. In addition to data protection, they wanted the ability to file share throughout the office.


The network attached Drobo 5N fits perfectly within the studio’s workflow because of its ease of use, network capabilities and expandability. Using BeyondRAID technology, Drobo 5N is protecting their projects, while also giving them the ability to securely share and access data remotely.

The Drobo 5N has performed so well over the years, it’s become a crucial part of the studio,” Jono said. “It’s met all of our demanding needs and has increased our productivity.