The best storage experience ever

Drobo’s patented technologies provide an unprecedented combination of simplicity and storage sophistication. In contrast to legacy storage, Drobo offers ease-of-use, affordability, data protection and expandability. The unique design of the Drobo storage arrays address the needs of workloads and deployments for rich media, virtualization and backup.

Drobo’s BeyondRAID technology overcomes all the challenges of traditional RAID technology by fundamentally changing the way block data is stored.

blog9First, Thin Provisioning is a core capability of BeyondRAID. It allows users to allocate the right amount of storage for today, while allowing for simple and seamless capacity expansion in the future. By adding a drive to the Drobo or replacing an existing drive with a larger one, expansion is nearly instant and occurs without any disruption in service. Drobo offers 4-, 5-, 8- and 12-bay models that pull needed storage from a common pool, and return deleted blocks to the common pool, preventing free space from being tied up by any particular server. Space allocation is automatically managed, which helps maximize storage resources. These advanced pooling technologies make Drobos ideal for maximizing performance and capacity utilizing allowing SSDs and HDDs to work together automatically in the same chassis.

Second, with Drobo, when drives of different sizes are inserted the available capacity will be maximized without risking data availability or compromising on capacity. If space is running low and there is an empty bay, the problem is solved by just adding another drive. Even when the Drobo is full, the smallest drive can be removed and quickly replaced with a larger one.

A Drobo always sets itself up to protect against a random drive failure. Drobo guarantees that the best RAID algorithm is used to protect from a drive failure without any user configuration or intervention. And unlike some traditional RAID systems, Drobo requires no hot spare. If a drive fails in a Drobo and there is enough free space available, Drobo will automatically move data to the remaining drives and return the Drobo to a fully protected state.
Drobo technology also delivers significant cost savings. The pooling of drives minimizes the number of storage devices that have to be purchased and administered. For network storage, free space is centrally located instead of tied up inside a single server. And, the ability to scale storage without disrupted access to data means it is unnecessary to shut down and restart – or worse, reconfigure the server. Larger drives can be used instead of purchasing new arrays to accommodate growth.

The Drobo ease of use and simplicity to manage all features gives IT professionals access to advanced technologies that they never even knew were available, and best of all, will not be troubled with any confusing management tasks or setup. Drobo will continue to build innovative storage technologies that make the overall experience easier and more powerful.

Smart storage that grows with you and protects what matters.