The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Workflow

Did you know the average American spends 95% of their time indoors? A study posted by Harvard Department of Environmental Health, shows spending too much time indoors can result in long-term health effects, irritation and discomfort. This can impact your workflow and creativity by leading to difficulty in focusing. As many of us live a fast-pace schedule, time is a common reason for this statistic. However, there are still many ways you can spend more time outdoors without interrupting your daily routine.

Making lifestyle changes such as going for a walk, planning a picnic or working from outside can enhance and improve your health. At Drobo, we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve a healthier lifestyle by innovating technology to optimize workflow time and provide the resources for remote data access.

With Drobo, your data is protected from hard drive failures and organized into one single volume; this means instead of showing five or eight single drives within the Drobo, it shows as one drive on your computer. To extend the features of Drobo, we recently launched the DroboAccess and DroboPix apps for Drobo network attached solutions (NAS), to optimize your home and work backup.

DroboAccess allows you to access, upload and share your data remotely and securely. If you are working outside or need quick access to your data to share with a client, DroboAccess is available through your smart phone, web browser and tablet to extend simplicity and protection.

DroboPix seamlessly syncs your mobile device’s media to your Drobo NAS through your Wi-Fi network. The app automatically protects your photos and videos and removes the extra step of downloading them to your computer. This provides instant access to your mobile device’s media from any computer in the network.

With Drobo’s technology, you will have the time, resources and peace of mind to spend more time outdoors and increase creativity for your workflow.

DroboApps available for Drobo 5N, 5N2 and B810n.

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