The Quikteks Success Story

The latest Drobo Success Story takes place at Quikteks, a full service network integration company specializing in IT services for small and medium-sized businesses. Quikteks uses the Drobo B-series to provide all its customers with a standardized, image-based backup disaster recovery capability. Quikteks selected the Drobo as its preferred backup device after testing five different backup solutions, and finding that Drobo made the most sense in terms of cost and function.

The Quikteks team can store full server backup images on the Drobo. In an emergency, Quikteks can redirect end users from the failed image or server to the Drobo to get the customer up and running very quickly. The Drobo Sync feature, available on the Drobo B800fs, provides another layer of protection for Quikteks customers by allowing them to replicate backups to the Quikteks. With Drobo, Quikteks can offer clients an Enterprise class disaster recovery solution, but at a small business price.

Drobo combinations are powerful for Quikteks because they allow a full image backup of Quikteks’ client servers. Quikteks can initiate a bare metal restore of those servers by taking the image off the Drobo and putting it on any other server. Through this process, a customer’s total down time is only a couple minutes. There is no need to rebuild the hardware, reinstall the software and then bring the data in.

“The Drobo’s flexibility and feature set offer tremendous value,” said Andrew Rich, owner of Quikteks. “The B-series product line delivers a much richer feature set compared to less expensive devices.”

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