Tips & Tricks to improve online security

Cyber-security breaches can be costly to resolve and damage your brand. Creating a private cloud is an important step to mitigating risk, and there are other straightforward steps that can help increase your online security:

1) Employees are increasingly, and unknowingly, responsible for security breaches and data loss. Be sure to educate them on how to avoid phishing scams and attacks via social media.

2) Secure passwords can help prevent unauthorized access. Passwords should not contain personal information like names or birthdays, and different passwords should be used for different sites. Passwords should also be changed at least twice a year.

3) Make sure that your sensitive IT areas have restricted physical access. Enabling unauthorized physical access to your computers or server room can quickly undo whatever digital security you have in place.

4) Address the specific vulnerabilities of your business with basic protections, such as ensuring all personal computers have active and running antivirus, using disk encryption and strong authentication.

5) If you and/or your employees use personal devices for work purposes, make sure to equip those devices with security software.

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