Top 5 Files to Back Up on Drobo

From celebrity pet photographs to CAD files for residential architecture, our customers are storing all of their most valued files on their Drobos.

We’re sure you don’t back up everything and we don’t think you need to. But what are the files you should save in case of emergency? While the answer is case-by-case, here is a list of the top 5 files you should be backing up:

  • Documents: This is a no-brainer. Whether you’re saving your thesis paper, your family’s recipe book or your business plan, it is absolutely imperative that you back up your entire documents folder at all times.
  • Multi-Media: If you consume as much media as we do, you have thousands of photos, videos and music files on your computer. You’ve probably spent a ton of money on your MP3 downloads and although photos don’t cost anything, it would be even worse to lose your memories.
  • Archived Email: Email has become the most widely used form of communication and unless your emails are hosted online (even they can get corrupted) it is painful to track all the information down. Make sure to back up important messages and your address book. Keep in mind many email programs include an export feature for backing up the data.
  • Internet Bookmarks: Nothing is worse than losing all of your Internet bookmarks you’ve saved over time. To quickly and easily recover your customized browsing needs, make sure to back it up.
  • Financial and Health Records: Keep a budget? Store your health documents on your computer? Digital records are a great way to share files between family members and easily transport when on-the-go but don’t forget to back them up.

If you’re not backing up your files, you should start now. In case you need a new storage solution, Drobo turns the often complex task of storing and backing up large amounts of data into an easily manageable, flexible and cost-effective process. Find out which Drobo product is right for you here: https://www.drobo.com/storage-products/

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