Turbo Boost Your Drobo: mSATA Card FAQ

The mSATA Accelerator Bay, located on the bottom of the Drobo, adds a turbo boost for your Drobo. When you add an mSATA card, the Drobo will access the files you use most frequently at a faster speed.


What does this mean for you?

You will be able to access your frequently used files up to 30% faster, than a Drobo without an mSATA card installed.

How do you install an mSATA card?

Simple! Start by powering down your Drobo, then carefully turn your Drobo over, remove the cover and place your mSATA card in the slot. Now put the cover back on, carefully flip the Drobo back over and power on your Drobo and you’re done.

Which Drobos include this option?

The Drobos below include an mSATA card holder:

-Drobo 5D, 5Dt, 5D3

-Drobo 5N, 5N2

Will an mSATA card increase the speed of accessing files if all occupied bays have Solid State Drives (SSDs)?

Adding an mSATA card to a Drobo filled with SSDs will increase the speed, however, it will not be a significant performance boost.

So, should you only use SSDs over HDDs?

That depends, although you will have the best performance, it will also cost you. If speed is not absolutely critical, then you will see a significant performance boost from using HDDs (@7200 RPM’s) with an mSATA card.

What mSATA card is right for you?

You can use just about any mSATA card, the bigger the capacity the more files you can access faster. We have a listed a few recommendations below.


Brand – Capacity

Samsung 250GB

Biwin – 128 GB

Crucial – 64 GB

*We do not recommend SandForce based SSDs or mSATAs


If you are interested in purchasing or upgrading your Drobo, please email sales@drobo.com


By Nick Manocha
Nick is the Director of Products at Drobo. His focus is to enhance the customer experience and extend the Drobo product family. Nick is accelerating Drobo with his several years of experience, obtained while working at Apple and Brocade.