Wedding & Portrait Photographer Gets Organized with Drobo’s Simplified Storage

Get Organized

Any wedding photographers out there heading to the WPPI Expo this week in Vegas? If you’re a professional photographer, chances are you have more data than you know what to do with. After endless weekends of weddings or dozens of engagement shoots, raw files may be scattered across multiple external hard drives, on various computers, or stored somewhere in the cloud. In her article on Photofocus, D.C.-based wedding & portrait photographer Lisa Robinson talks about breaking away from a random assortment hard drives, and moving her files neatly into a Drobo to make use of the simple, easily expandable backup solution.

Lisa’s established workflow consisted of backing with Time Machine on its own dedicated HDD, storing Aperture Projects and Lightroom Catalogs on an external drive, cloning that drive to a separate drive at the end of each day, and backing up to an offsite online proofing gallery service that doubles as the online marketplace for clients.

Even with this well-thought out plan for redundancy in place, Lisa wanted something better than a mass of ‘clunky’ external drives, the ability to easily increase to larger capacity as needed, that would automatically clone her data without her intervention. See why Lisa loves using her new Drobo storage solution for worry-free backups as part of her new and improved workflow that eliminates the need to manage her storage daily:

“I’ve know that RAID arrays were efficient ways of storing data. Having data written across multiple drives allowed the information to be accessed quickly. More importantly, if one drive failed, all was not lost. Through the magical powers of technology, you could simply replace the failed drive and things rewrite and voila! No sweat solution!”

“So the Drobo model wins! Here’s the key features I like.”

  • I can have up to four, 6 TB drives (24 TB total) installed
  • The unit is rated to handle up to 32TB as drive capacity increases
  • You can mix and match different capacities, so you can expand 1 drive at a time in the future
  • You can choose dual disk redundancy (so even if two drives fail, your data is safe)
  • The Drobo has a USB 3.0 interface for fairly speedy data accessing
  • Drobo full supports Time Machine if you’re on a Mac.

“Everything was set up (including my uninstall/reinstall) in about 20 minutes. Given how foreign it all was to me, I consider that a success and fairly true to Drobo’s word of being painless. The next step is migrating data over to it. My plan is to utilize the Drobo in place of my endless pile of redundant hard drives for the storage of all my Lightroom Catalogs.”

Check out the full article on Lisa’s Drobo experience at Photofocus, and you can also follow her on Twitter.