What StorCentric’s Acquisition of Retrospect Means for Drobo Users

Retrospect is trusted by over 500,000 homes and businesses in over 100 countries. With a broad platform and application support, Retrospect protects every part of your computer environment, from onsite to up in the cloud with a single click.

Why add Retrospect into your Drobo workflow? Drobo provides expandable and local storage for secure network access and data-intensive workloads. By incorporating Retrospect’s technology, you can strengthen your data protection with artificial intelligence, easy management, and integration with popular cloud and email platforms. Together, this allows you to utilize a complete data protection workflow for your home or business.

Retrospect Features: The Perfect Backup Addition for Home or Business

Email Protection – Migration

Email systems for businesses have migrated from local servers to cloud services, but those services are prone to the same data loss scenarios as a local email server. An employee might delete the wrong email or lose access to their account, or a rogue user could remove everything from the system. Retrospect makes it easy to migrate your email with only a few clicks.

BackupBot – Artificial Intelligence

Every edition of Retrospect uses BackupBot technology, which brings artificial intelligence to your data. BackBot enables 1-Click Backup, Storage Predictions, and Proactive Al.

Cloud Backup – Affordable and Secure Offsite Protection

Retrospect supports more than 20 cloud platforms worldwide. It provides you with the ability to migrate your data from one cloud to another within the Retrospect platform. Also, it enables security, fast upload speeds, and a lifetime license.

Scripts – Backup Strategy

Scripts allows you to create 1-click backups, weekly server backups, and even 3-2-1 backup rules. Every script includes a set of sources, destinations, filters, schedule, and options.

Server Protection – Restoring Data

Your business server is the engine of your business. Any disruption to it costs you time, and small businesses are perpetually short on time. With Retrospect’s forever incremental backups, you can keep as many snapshots as you need. Every one of them will give you a point-in-time restore so that if you lose something after the initial one, you can still recover it.

Endpoint Protection – Infrastructure Protection for Individual Devices

Endpoint protection is frequently overlooked by small businesses. While your business might run on servers, your employees move the business forward on endpoints, also known as the devices each individual is using. Those endpoints need data insurance because lost work and downtime are too expensive to downplay or ignore. Retrospect ensures complete protection across your entire infrastructure.

Together, Drobo and Retrospect make your life simpler by providing easy-to-use and advanced platforms for protecting your data.