What’s new with Drobo B810n

droboDrobo recently introduced our new 8-bay small business NAS, the B810n. With B810n we’ve been able to introduce a host of new features and at the same time continue to provide the unprecedented ease of use Drobo is best known for.

As with all Drobo models the B810n requires almost no setup and even less hands on day-to-day management. If a disk drive fails Drobo will automatically heal itself and repair back to a redundant state, but now with B810n that rebuild is 8 times faster.

blog-drobo-12-21A few years ago we introduced Data Aware Tiering with our 12-bay Drobo B1200i. Data Aware Tiering enables SSDs to be automatically detected and configured by Drobo into a transactional tier to provide read and write acceleration. We later introduced Data Aware Caching with our 5N and 5D models to deliver read acceleration of your most commonly accessed data. With B810n we’ve brought those two great technologies together and made them work on the same SSDs at the same time. Drobo B810n will automatically configure the SSDs you give it into the most efficient setup to deliver the best possible acceleration. You get the read and write acceleration from Data Aware Tiering and at the same time even greater read acceleration from Data Aware Caching. All with no configuration, just push in the SSDs and Drobo will figure out what to do.

blog-drobo-12-3Drobo B810n comes with dual gigabit Ethernet interfaces to give you the flexibility you need in your network setup. Like the B800fs it replaces B810n supports port bonding on the Ethernet interfaces but now it’s an active-active bond that allows the performance of both interfaces to be seen over a single IP address.

blog-drobo-12-43For the first time we’re making our Drobo Apps ecosystem available on our business units. With Drobo Apps you can customize your B810n by installing just the additional features you need. The apps you need to run your business are all available to install free of charge with a single click in Drobo Dashboard. You can host your blog directly from B810n using WordPress, publish and sell your photos using Koken, sync your files between Drobos and your PC/Mac using BitTorrent Sync and much more.

myDrobo_blog-appThe myDrobo platform provides end-to-end secure access to services on your Drobo from the public internet, through a user chosenmydrobo.com address. It enables services such as DroboPix, DroboAccess, Koken and WordPress to be accessed remotely in a secure fashion.

blog-drobo-12-5B810n also comes with the great new DroboDR disaster recovery solution built right in at no extra cost. With DroboDR your B810n’s configuration, including user accounts, shares and access permissions are backed up along with all your data. With DroboDR recovery it easy and virtually instantaneous. Simply take the backup unit out of target mode and it will come online as an exact replica of the original B810n.

Like every Drobo we’ve ever designed, B810n comes with a built-in battery that lets us save any operations in progress if there is a power failure. Drobo will save everything going on into an internal flash device so that it can finish those things off later when power is restored so.

B810n can fit seamlessly into many different workloads, whether you’re running a photography studio, need a safe place to store hundreds of videos, want to host your blog or website, or just need to add reliable and easy to manage network storage to your business, Drobo B810n is the perfect choice.

Rod Harrison


By: Rod Harrison

Rod is the CTO of Drobo and is responsible for our technical direction. Rod was one of the original engineers at Drobo and has over 25 years of experience in storage and operating systems development gained at Sun, SCO, Wind River and Veritas.