Why offsite data protection is key for keeping your business running

If you only store data on-site, you risk losing everything in the event of natural or man-made disaster or a security breach. Protecting your data in the case of disaster can mean the difference between smooth business continuity or a scramble to get back up and running, and that means replicating and storing data offsite. Drobo can be the key to deploying a replication strategy. You can backup and share your data through the Drobo 5N.

Drobo Sync is the data offsite and replication tool integrated into the Drobo B800fs. Drobo Sync seamlessly replicates your data to another Drobo 800fs on your network or VPN ensuring data availability in the case of disaster.

Replication is important to minimize the size of data copies between primary and secondary sites, allowing for continued high performance over a WAN. Backup by itself does not necessarily allow for near instant recovery of all data, which business users have come to expect. IT pros can implement Drobo iSCSI SAN storage with Vision Solutions Double-Take Availability replication software as an affordable solution that provides superior data protection and incredible ease of use.

There are many ways to protect your data, but adding an offsite backup and recovery plan can be the difference between an inconvenient recovery and complete loss of data. Regardless of what software solution you choose, having the peace of mind that your data is fully protected will make sure that you are better prepared in the event of a disaster.

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