Why RAID Storage is a Smart Investment for Your Business

Spring is a busy season for most creative professionals. From graduations to weddings, and everything in-between, if you are a photographer or video producer it is likely that your calendar has been filled for months, if not years in advance.

As a creative professional, you should be focused (excuse the pun) on taking the perfect shot. You should not need to worry about where you store your photos, or whether you will be able to find and retrieve them later. Having to explain the loss or irretrievability of an entire wedding shoot would likely not only be emotionally, but professionally devastating. Moreover, for the young budding photographer – having to expend the majority of your limited business budget on photo storage, should never be a concern. 

Does the continually escalating cost and complication of dealing with external drives – finding the right one, storing it in a safe place, making sure it’s backed-up, and then finding the right one later – have you just a bit perturbed? Certainly, not the best use of your time. For those that enjoy talking tech, I am referring to JBOD (also known as just a bunch of disks.) What Drobo delivers is RAID (also known as redundant array of independent disks). Among the many great things about RAID technology is that if one of the storage drives fails, you don’t lose your data – it is still safe and sound! 

If you thought easy to manage, protected storage (i.e., RAID) would be more expensive than JBOD, it’s not! A 5 bay entry level Drobo RAID costs $350.00. 5 drives each 6 terabytes (TB) in size cost $250.00 each, or $1,250.00. Add the enclosure for a total of $1,600.00. A JBOD system with 6 6TB drives costs around the same amount due to the cost of the enclosures for each hard drive. Bottom line, 30 terabytes of unprotected JBOD costs the same as 24 terabytes of RAID protected storage.

Drobo is a smart investment that will enable you to do protect and grow your business. Drobo was designed from the ground up to ensure the easiest and most affordable solution for the safe storage of all your media – from photos, to music and movies.