World of Drobo: Kelly Briarton

By Photographer, Kelly Briarton


“Back in 2010, I had just finished having all of my family photos scanned into a hard drive when there was a major freeze and our pipes burst and flooded everything. I lost all of my tangible photos, children’s drawings and mementos.

I was relieved to know that all of my data was “safe” on an external hard drive. Well, after a few years of use of that hard drive, it failed in 2012. It was not dropped or mistreated in any way to cause an issue. I always kept it in the same spot on my desk.

I attempted recovery myself with some online software without success. I was horrified since all of my family things were on there and about to be gone forever. I had photos of my family, including my mother, that had since passed away and would be gone forever.  I had photos from my childhood that I would never be able to see again.

I talked with some local computer folks and they told me to contact a professional service, which I did. I sent the drive off to company with a clean room who would attempt recovery with no guarantee anything would be saved.

I ended up waiting close to 6 weeks and paying close to $2000 for recovery services. Approximately 75% of my data recovered. Some of the items recovered were useless since part of the image was ruined by the recovery.

Kelly Briarton’s family photos, recovered from the hard drive failure


Currently, I have all of my items on (1) my computer, (2) on an external hard drive, (3) on another external hard drive in a fireproof safe and (4) on a cloud storage.

I know the current system I have is pretty horrible but I have been unable to find something better until I saw Drobo’s products and spoke with the Drobo Rep. at Imaging USA. Now, I am researching the different products and options Drobo has available to make my storage less complicated. I have not seen another product like it and it seems to be the right solution for me.

I am currently debating between the Drobo 5C which was shown to me at Imaging USA and the Drobo 5D, which I saw on the webpage. I will be using it for storage of all of my documents (old & new), memories/old family photos along with use for my photography business. With the business, I will be using it for photo storage so that I am able to edit in Lightroom and Photoshop.”


Kelly is now securely storing her data on the Drobo 5D. She is able to optimize her workflow with the Thunderbolt speeds and Accelerator Bay. To see her photography click here.

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